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We are The Little Yorkshire Candle Company, and we create home fragrances which we sell both online and in our shop in York.  Our fragrances are all inspired by the natural world, and are designed to evoke certain moods and atmospheres.  We are committed to making natural products, made with 100% natural ingredients: coconut, soy, and beeswax, with the scents deriving from essential oils and plant extracts.

These fragrances come in the form of candles, diffusers, essential oils, wax melts, and room sprays, as well as being available in gift-boxes, matched with other products to be used with them.

I (Alex) have always been drawn to fragrance since I was a child, and my candle-making began as a hobby.  LYCC began in earnest in 2016, in the hopes of creating a range which wouldn’t irritate my son’s asthma. 

In 2019 I achieved my dream of having a brick-and-mortar shop when we opened a store in York. Now, from 6 candles, we have a variety of products in each scent range, and always have new products and ideas in the pipeline.

We’re very lucky to have a beautiful little shop in the centre of York nestled amongst the oldest row of houses in York.  Anyone who has been to York can tell you how amazing it is to be surrounded by such historic buildings and we are proud to be part of the future heritage of the city. With the narrow snickelways and warm lights emitting from the many pubs and cafes, York has a warm and cosy atmosphere no matter the weather.

We wanted to match this atmosphere in our shop, so we have created a carefully curated haven of hygge, using both our own products and those of other creatives who we admire.  We have a huge range of people visit us, such as  locals who are looking for gifts, or tourists who are looking for the perfect souvenir to remind them of their visit to Yorkshire.

Our customers are people who are looking for a beautiful, luxury product, either for themselves or as a gift.  Our customers buy homeware and home fragrances with intention, and pride themselves on using and giving quality products. 

Many of our customers also comment on their desire to have a product made in and inspired by Yorkshire, either to remind themselves of home, or to send a piece of their home to a loved one.  We are also proud to be able to provide fragrance to those who can't use candles with synthetic fragrances or paraffin due to allergies or asthma.

Of course the stars of the show is where it all started off - with our core range of six candles - right now Affirmation (deep vetiver and woody oud) and Sleep (restful lavender and soothing chamomile) are our most popular scents.

Our giftboxes have been our most recent success. First developed as a way to send love to those we couldn’t see due to lockdowns, the range has steadily expanded since and currently includes boxes designed especially for the winter season.  For example we have the Midwinter Box, which hosts a variety of products all in our warm, spicy, Christmas scent, and the Luxury Sleep box which includes our Sleep Pillow Mist alongside a luxury hot water bottle and eye mask duo.

Our business is split across two locations.  Our shop on Goodramgate in York is a cosy sanctuary which welcomes in people everyday looking for a bit of tranquility. We aim to give our customers a memorable shopping experience by sharing our knowledge and giving our best advice.

The behind the scenes that our customers don’t see is our workshop, where all of our products are made.  Each day at the workshop is different - we could be pouring candles, packing up online orders, testing new fragrances, or planning our next big release.

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