Born of Botanics


We've changed our name, but kept our promise - still made by hand in Yorkshire with quality botanicals, but, like all little acorns do, we're growing.

Not a lot is actually changing: same logo, same products, same us.  Still proudly made in Yorkshire and still fairly little.  However, I have had an ongoing issue in protecting the identity of the business, and we were never going to be able to trademark “The Little Yorkshire Candle Company”.  Over the last six years so many businesses have launched "The Little Yorkshire...", everything from ice creams to coffee and I felt a little lost in the volume of similar names.  As the business has grown (and is still growing) the scope of being just candles was limiting and we really needed a name that described what our core values are.

Funnily enough, the answer was right in front of us. Using quality botanicals has always been a huge part of our identity: if you have bought any of our products you will have seen “Born of Botanics” on all of our packaging since day one.  Now it is taking centre stage. 

Back in 2016, when I still in full time employment, I decided I was going to pick up my pouring jugs once more and dreamt of creating a range of 100% natural aromatherapy candles that could stand side-by-side with household names on the shelves of department stores and not look out of place.  I never wanted to create the scents that were readily available - there was already enough pomegranate and linen candles on the market.  I wanted to go that little bit further in every design aspect of the product.  I didn't want to just sell candles; I wanted to create a whole experience for the unboxer, from the look of the packaging and the container to the unique scents, and even a little poem included in every one.  

The desire to still create 100% natural products of premium quality hadn't changed, however the scope of what we look forward to doing has.  2022 will see many changes for us as we grow our range, including bath and beauty products.  So it's time for this little acorn to spread its roots, but always be Born of Botanics.