Designer Close-Up: Katie Bentley Ceramics

After the popularity of last month’s article on Hannah Turlington we are continuing our introductions to the fabulous circle of the creatives with whom The Little Yorkshire Candle Company collaborate. This month we introduce the fabulous Katie Bentley Ceramics.  
Katie, who is based in Leeds, established her company in 2015, after graduating in Glass and Ceramics from Sunderland University. She works almost exclusively in porcelain, loving the “unique challenge of perfecting it." Notoriously one of the hardest clays to work with, porcelain is unforgiving and Katie loves the reward this challenge gives her, feeling that there "is really nothing quite like it" when the end result is as envisaged.  
Katie Bentley at work in her studio in Leeds.
Katie, born and bred in Yorkshire, finds her inspiration outside, garnering joy and finding her muse from campervan trips with her partner to the Dales or the Lakes. From these rugged shorelines and mountain ranges, she takes away the shapes and lines that she then uses in her work, enjoying the raw purity and simplicity of colours that porcelain gives her.
Drawn to LYCC and their Yorkshire connection, the two companies joined forces just over a year ago when Alex Hall commissioned Katie to make a porcelain model of their shop on Goodramgate. This was to become a tealight holder.  The tealight holder was so successful that their collaboration has continued and flourished.
The tealight holder model of The Little Yorkshire Candle Company's shop.
Since then, Katie and Alex have developed a full range of oil burners, incense burners and candle plates, each with the iconic acorn on. The two women are now in the process of designing a very exclusive and unique oil burner which will be available to us later this year.  
This unique collaboration is coming to a head on June 21 with the release of a stand alone porcelain candle called 21. The porcelain container is slip cast and hand stamped and definitely a collector's piece.  
To keep up to work on Katie Bentley's other work, check out her Facebook page here.

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