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I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I also want to say a great big, heartfelt thank you to all our customers who made the choice to shop with us during the festive season. We know you have a choice and do not, for one minute, take it for granted that you choose Born of Botanics. I met so many lovely customers during that time, old and new, followers of our social media pages who were coming in for the first time, international visitors to York and locals who are diehard supporters. So, I say thank you for your continued support. We are living in uncertain times and any small business owner will tell you that it certainly takes it toll but it brightens my day when I meet my customers.


St. Valentine’s Day


Okay so I have to admit that I’m a bit of a pedant in adding the ‘Saint’ to Valentine’s Day, ensuring that St. Valentine gets the credit he deserves for his day! I’m sure he would be horrified by the blatant commercialisation of his namesake day to celebrate ‘courtly love’.  Did you know that St. Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers which couldn’t be more fitting considering that I started making natural beeswax candles as a way of managing my asthma. I wanted to produce a natural candle that didn’t exacerbate my condition! Talking all things love, I think one of the great positives of the 21st Century is the success of the LGBTQ+ movement, it’s brilliant how far the community has come compared to even twenty years ago, love will always conquer!


This year at Born of Botanics we are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day with a brand-new window which we are rather excited about. Watch this space and let us know what you think. We are also making up some beautiful St Valentine’s Day giftboxes for your loved ones  a box of delights to make your love smile. Of course, we are always happy to put a bespoke giftbox together too, so just let us know what you would like, and we’ll arrange it for you.



Kitchen Garden


I always feel that January is always a time to take stock and get your house in order, both physically and mentally. A time to hunker down and throw out the old and embrace the new. I change the scent in our home from Midwinter to something more energising (goodness knows we need that on these dark mornings!). It’s getting lighter by ten minutes per week and I’m holding onto that fact. I’ve been doing a lot of batch cooking which feels very organised of me and a great way of using up leftovers in the fridge. As lovely as the cooking aromas are, I don’t enjoy the smells taking over the rest of house, so I always use a candle from our Kitchen Collection to cleanse the room of the culinary smells. My favourite is Rosemary & Coriander . There are candles, room sprays and wax melts in the collection based on four fragrances; Rosemary & Coriander, Herb Garden, Sweet Basil and Sweet Mint. Which is your favourite? We’d love to know.



Kleen Soaps


As well as producing Born of Botanics candles and room fragrances we also have a selection of homewares and bathroom products. I always try to partner with independent businesses whose ethos I admire and one of those businesses is Kleen Soaps .They are based in Kent and take a natural and planet-kind approach to skincare. Inspiration struck Jutta Klee, the founder of Kleensoaps, when she could not find a soap-on-a-rope that suited a seemingly simple requirement; affordable and sustainable with natural ingredients.  Frustrated with the overwhelming popularity of plastic-bottled shower gels on the market, Jutta aims to bring back the traditional soap-on-a-rope to help combat our out-of-control plastic consumption. You can find out more on their website.

I love the scents which come in a selection to suit everyone’s tastes, we stock the following in our little shop; Tall, Dark & Handsome (my personal favourite), Good Vibrations, Yellow Mellow, La Dolce Vita and Blue Velvet. The scents smell honest and natural. Here’s to tackling bathroom plastic waste and making the switch to a more sustainable option. Also, a little mental jaunt back to the soaps on a rope of the 80’s!


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Okay so I have to admit that I’m a bit of a pedant in adding the ‘Saint’ to Valentine’s Day, ensuring that St. Valentine gets the credit he deserves for...

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