Herb Garden Candle


Note: Currently this candle is being poured in a silver tin pictured.

This cleansing blend of Coriander, Thyme, Rosmary, Sage and Eucalyptus sweeps away mental cobwebs and helps you focus on new solutions. Anxiety and procrastination makes way for positive action. Light this candle to feel energised.

The Kitchen Garden Collection takes you on a sensory journey harnessing the healing properties of herbs that have been used for centuries. Each scent is thoughtfully designed to relax, renew and uplift, with clean notes that transform your home into a fragrant haven and bring the outdoors in all year round.

Your candle has been poured as part of a small batch in our North Yorkshire Village studio. This 100% natural fragrance range is made from the finest therapeutic essential oils, poured with a soy wax blend. No artificial ingredients added to these beautiful botanical based candles, designed to enhance your mood and wellbeing.